Fura Caffe Decaf coffee pods

Fura Caffe Decaf coffee pods

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Fura Caffe, Decaf coffee pods smooth and tasty decafe coffee. These decaf coffee pods are sealed in aluminium foil wrapping fresh every time. The pods fit into a standard single group handles.

The minimum order quantity is 50 pods.

A decaffeinated coffee pod (decaf coffee pod) that fits inside single 60 mm filter holder baskets.

Naturally Decaffeinated coffee, enjoy the taste of real coffee without the Caffeine. Our best selling blend without the caffeine. Enjoy this smooth medium blend of the finest Arabica decaffeinated beans.

All the rich flavour of our coffee without any of the caffeine. The perfect cuppa to enjoy morning noon and night. Ideal for those who love the taste without the caffeine.

These decaf pods are roasted by convection roasting system to seal in the flavour.

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