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Anti Vacuum Valve, Anti Depression Valve, Anti-Siphon, Boiler safety valves

  Anti_suction_Valve_O-1-4      Anti Vacuum Valves - Boiler safety valves

This is a universal Coffee Machine part sometimes called an Anti-Depression, Anti suction Valve, Anti Vacuum Valve, Anti Depression Valve, Anti-Siphon, Breaker Valve. Mostly fitted to the top of coffee machine boilers but is sometimes fitted on the fitting attached to the sight glass......................Boiler safety valves release Steam pressure from the boiler in the event of an overheating fault.

Aurora Brugnetti-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

  Aurora_brugnetti spare parts

Aurora-Brugnetti Spare Parts 

Aurora Brugnetti spare parts. The real taste of good Italian espresso The experience of 3 generations: The respect of the tradition, the attention in the choice of the materials and the quality in the construction, guarantee the absolute quality for the preparation of the best cappuccino and espresso coffee.

Azkoyn-Coffee Machine Spare Parts


Azkoyn Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Azkoyn coffee machine spare parts. Innovation and technology at your service. The Azkoyen Group is a multinational company with its headquarters in Navarre (Spain)

Bezzera-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

bezzera spare parts

Bezzera Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Spare parts for your Bezzrea, Bezzera has always been producing elegant espresso coffee machines and has become a reference for quality and reliability at an international level.

BFC-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

BFC spare parts

BFC Coffee Machine Spare Parts

BFC Coffee machine spare parts. BFC Espresso machine Treviso ITALY - Maranello Monza Classica Lira


BRASILIA-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

brasilia coffee machine parts

Brasilia Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Brasilia Coffee Machine Spare Parts, Brasilia items may not be available for long. Brasilia, part of the Rossi group, is now officially declared bankruptcy, and have no one to arrange shipping or, package, fabricate or manufacture any of their catalogues. Some limited aftermarket parts will still be available,

Bravilor-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Bravilor spare parts

Bravilor Spare Parts

Bravilor Spares & Equipment, of various types please note Bravilor parts are very difficult to distinguish as parts are redesigned and regularly updated, so please contact us with the machine model and serial number details to ensure the correct part is sent.

CARIMALI-Coffee Machine Spare Parts



CARIMALI SPARE PARTS. some history about CARIMALI In 1919 La Carimali was set up in Milan. The first Carimali workshop was established by Angelo Carimali and was located in 19 Ripa Ticinese Street. 2010 Nowadays Carimali is one of the world leader in the coffee machines industry. State-of-the art products with a modern and innovative design are constantly developed.

CASADIO-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

casadio spare parts


CASADIO ESPRESSO MACHINE PARTS. Some history Founded in 1950 by Nello Casadio in Bologna, the company initially produced different bar equipment and then focused on the production of coffee grinder-dosers becoming a recognized and appreciated specialist in the market.In 2009 Casadio joined Gruppo Cimbali,Casadio, historical bar equipment brand, has always been regarded as a manufacturer of reliable and durable equipment.

CMA Astoria-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

cma coffee machine spare parts  CMA Astoria coffee machine spare parts

Spare parts for your  CMA Astoria. For more than forty years They have been working with dedication to offer the barista the best instrument with which to serve an impeccable coffee.

Coffee Beans and ingredients the Barista's favourite products.

We love Cafe Fura Barista coffee  


Fura Caffe Barista Coffee                                               Our own label Barista Coffees are available to buy in our webshop,  Its really smooth and tasty coffee                                                              

Coffee Grinder Spare Parts


Coffee Grinder Spare Parts

Coffee Grinder Parts & Spares. We stock a range of commonly requested parts and spares for most makes of Coffee Grinders at reasonable prices, including coffee beans.

 Coffee Machine Accessories and Barista Supplies

shot glass

Coffee Machine Accessories and Barista Supplies

For all great coffee establishments, there is a need for Barista products, included frothing thermometers, latte jugs, spatulas, knockout boxes and much more. We stock a range of Barista coffee supplies and coffee shop equipment, from milk frothers, at great low prices.

Conti-Coffee Machine Spare Parts  

                         Conti Coffee Machine Parts                                         

1950: Funding of the company SACOME, at quay Conti in Paris. Focusing on the after-sales and customer services as well as developing internationally, Conti is experiencing significant growth of activity.

Coffee Machine Cleaning Products

A range of products for cleaning and maintaining coffee machines.The most popular and the best commercial coffee machine cleaning products. products are available to keep your coffee machine in the best possible condition.

Element Gaskets


Coffee Machine Element Gaskets, Heating Element...

Card, Teflon and O ring 2 and 3 stud available just select from the list below.

ECM-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

ECM spare Parts:-ECM® was established in 1995 in Milan (Italy). The manufacturing premises are located in the little village of Settala, near Milan's Linate airport. The company's products are distributed in about 35 international markets, across all 5 continents, through a network of Sales & Service master importers and distributors. ECM® is an organisation dedicated to its core business - espresso coffee machines and related technical products.

Electra-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

The site in which the company constructs its machines is, under certain aspects, nearly as fascinating as its product. Fifty years ago the Fregnan family had already ascertained that in order to secure a winning product they would need to produce a user-friendly as well as an easy-to-handle product.

EXPOBAR, CREM, STAFCO, COFFEE QUEEN,                        Coffee Machine Spare Parts

CREM International is a newly formed company bringing together Coffee Queen (Sweden) and Crem (Spain). Jointly they manufacture and market a wide range of Coffee Queen and Expobar coffee machines world wide. Stafco  who represented Coffee Queen in the U.K is now part of Crem International and all Stafco and Style Cafe coffee machines are now marketed under the Crem labe

Faema-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Faema Spare Parts Faema has been producing espresso coffee machines with distinctive elegant designs and innovative technology since 1945

FILTER HOLDER GASKETS,                                                       Group Seals, Group Gaskets

filter-_holder_gasket.FILTER HOLDER GASKETS,Group Seals,Group Gaskets

FILTER HOLDER GASKETS "Group Seals" "Group Gaskets" Ideally, they should be replaced every 6 months, we only stock THE BEST QUALITY gaskets mostly these are imported from Spain and Italy.


Filter Holder Parts "Portafilters"

Filter Holder Parts "Portafilters"Filter Holder Parts "Portafilters

Traditional Espresso Coffee Machine Filter Holder Parts FILTER BASKET, HANDLES, SPOUTS, CLIPS

 Filtration, Water Filters, Plumbing, Fittings, Pipes

Plumbing fittings pipes and water filters designed for the installation and service of your Coffee Machine


FIORENZATO-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

When twenty-six-year-old Pietro Fiorenzato founded his own company in Mestre in 1936, he had already gained specific experience collaborating with one of the few coffee grinder-doser factories existing at the time. To his knowledge, he added his passion and a strong inclination to offer, from that moment onwards, the perfect balance of quality and innovation.

FRACINO-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Spare Parts For Fracino: the UK's award-winning manufacturer of cappuccino and espresso coffee machines.

Futurmat/Mairali-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Spare Parts For Futurmat, machines are manufactured in Barcelona by Quality Espresso SA who has over 50 years of design and manufacturing experience.

GAGGIA Espresso-Coffee machine spare parts


Spare Parts for Gaggia. It was one man's determined quest for the perfect espresso in 1930s Milan that gave birth to one of Italy's most iconic brands. For more than half a century, Gaggia has been supplying both bars and homes with innovative, state-of-the-art coffee machines.

GRIMAC-Coffee Machine Spare Parts


Grimac Spare Parts. The story begins in the 60s when Grimac entered the world of coffee by providing parts and service to the major brands on the market of professional bar machines.


IBERITAL-Coffee Machine Spare Parts


IBERITAL SPARE PARTS:-Founded in 1975, Iberital manufactures and sells replacement parts for the hospitality sector. Two catalogues of over 40,000 references and an ability to manage non-catalogue parts make international leader in the field of professional parts. also produces a range of machines and coffee grinders themselves. The quality and reliability positioned in the upper area of the product. has also an important distribution division machinery of the hotel and professional coffee grinders.


Jura-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

jura_button_jpg  Jura spare parts

Jura spare parts, for use with all commercial and domestic Jura bean to cup espresso coffee machines. We have lots of parts; simply locate the one you need and order directly from us. Beautiful design and easy function define these espresso machines


La Marzocco-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

La Marzocco, where you can capture the passion of those who have designed and built fine coffee machines since 1927.

The most innovative technologies have always been combined with traditional craftsmanship, giving each coffee machine that unique touch that makes it one of a kind.

LA ROCCA-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Spare parts for La Rocca Expres, S.A. – Java Espresso – Professional espresso coffee machines & grinders.Uk branded as 1000 espresso

La SanMARCO-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Spare parts foe your  La San Marco, La San Marco is, in fact, one of those names that awaken the recollections of espresso coffee lovers.
In the historical winged-lion mark, technical problem-solving and design are not only tradition but a daily reality, a constantly renewing experience.

LA SCALA-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

LA SCALA Coffee Machine Parts available. The la SCALA espresso machines offer an excellent combination of quality, reliability and affordability.

La Spaziale-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Coffee machine spare parts for La spaziale, La Spaziale have been one of the most respected Italian commercial espresso machine manufacturers for over 40 years, helping found UCIMAC, the Italian Coffee Machine Manufacturers Association, which has helped promote and develop Italian coffee machines across the world.   

 MAGISTER-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Spare Parts For Magister coffee machines. Magister’s brand is continuously and increasingly spreading around the world, as shown by several advertising campaigns published, and co-operating with their distributors. Magister Sistema Caffè S.r.l. was founded in July 1997

MARCFI-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

MARCFI Coffee Machine Parts. Spare parts for your Marcifi and Ancas coffee machine. From lever to fully automatic espresso machine in 1, 2, 3, and 4 serving groups, Marcfi's product range is rather impressive.

MY WAY-Coffee Machine Spare Parts


MY WAY Spare Parts. My Way coffee machine parts. Izzo MyWay professional Italian built espresso machines for coffee enthusiasts. Made in Italy

  NUOVA SIMONELLI-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

NUOVA SIMONELLI SPARE PARTS:- Nuova Simonelli is an Italian company with experience and tradition going back many years. It has been making espresso machines, which it exports all over the world, since 1936. Today, Nuova Simonelli can boast a vast range of products that are able to meet the requirements of the hospitality trade,

PAVONI-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Pavoni Coffee Machine Spare Parts from Fura G Espresso. La Pavoni Spa was founded in Milan in 1905 thanks to Desiderio Pavoni in a little workshop at Via Parini. His first invention was patented by Luigi Bezzera, on 1st September 1902, duly registered at the Milan State office on 19th September 1903, and gave life to the first espresso coffee machine for bar called "Ideale". It was a vertical machine, with a boiler kept at a constant pressure by a gas-ring which it rested on, or by means of electricity, with side brewing groups (from 1 to 4) supported by inside hooks and had a filter for ground coffee.

Pressure Switches and Pressure Gauge

Pressure switch are normally set to 1.1 bar the gauges measure boiler pressure and pump brew pressure.

  PROMAC- Coffee Machine Spare Parts

PROMAC COFFEE MACHINE SPARE PARTS. Promac was born in 1982 thanks to a group of professionals of the espresso coffee machines sectorPromac was born in 1982 thanks to a group of professionals of the espresso coffee machines sector

RANCILIO-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

We can supply you spare parts for your Rancilio coffee machines, some history,Rancilio is an espresso machine manufacturer, founded in 1927 by Roberto Rancilio in Parabiago, Milan, Italy. Rancilio's earliest well-known machine was 'La Regina' – a vertical boiler machine, similar to the original Bezzera and Victoria Arduino devices in function and gilded 'Belle Epoque' styling                                                                           

RENEKA-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Coffee machine parts for Reneka coffee machines. The Major, a small counter-top machine, became a symbol in the café-restaurant world. The end of the 1950s Reneka launched the 1-4 group – European range.  People were enthused by the convenience of being able to make coffee on individual demand due to the new hydraulic piston system.

Rheavendors Servomat Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Rheavendors Cino and Lioness XM, XL XS parts plus other variants of this super table top vending machine. rheavendors group is an international company based in Italy, that manufactures and distributes vending machines for hot drinks, cold drinks and snacks.

Saeco Gaggia Domestic Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Domestic coffee machine, Saeco and Gaggia spare parts

SANREMO-Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Spare parts for your  Sanremo, Sanremo is a young, dynamic company, setting high standards in the production of espresso coffee machines for professional use and automatic distribution.

Steam Wand Parts

Steam Wands - Browse Common Espresso Machine steam wand parts.

Stentorfield Spare Parts From Fura G Espresso ...

Stentorfied Instant Ingredients machine spare parts,  Stentorfield Part of CMS employs a highly skilled team of over 120 people. The European function includes a German sales office supported by sales teams based in France, Spain and Italy, with global operations directed from our headquarters in St. Louis in the US.

Switches and Electrical Connectors

Switches and electrical connections for your coffee machine and grinder.

UNIC- Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Spare parts UNIC COFFEE MACHINES, Since 1919, UNIC has been recognised as one of the principle leaders in professional, traditional, pod-based and automatic coffee machines. Built on its experience and capacity for innovation, UNIC machines combine ease of use and optimised coffee extraction.

Refurbished Coffee Machines

At Fura G Espresso we are always busy repairing and refurbishing Coffee machines these are all supplied with a Guarantee.

VFA EXPRESS - Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Spare parts Coffee / vending Seals and group showers Fura G Espresso For all your replacement parts ... VFA EXPRESS Please note parts are now limited for VFA as the company is no more


VBM (Vibiemme) Coffee Machine Spare Parts

We carry a range of VBM (Vibiemme) coffee machine spare parts, The origins of Vibiemme are intimately connected to the espresso machinery company Faema; both brands are the result of the brilliant intuitions of a man universally recognized as the “father” of the contemporary espresso coffee machines: Carlo Ernesto Valente

VISACREM Espresso Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Visacrem machines are manufactured by Quality Espresso S.A. of Spain, which includes the brands Futurmat, Gaggia of Spain (no relation to Gaggia of Italy), Italcrem, Mairali, and Q9 grinders. They have been manufacturing espresso machines since 1952.

Water Heating Elements for Coffee Machines

Water heating Elements for coffee machines with 1, 2, or 3 groups

Water Pumps for Coffee Machines

Water pumps original and compatible for use on coffee machines.

WEGA - Coffee Machine Spare Parts

Spare parts For Wega coffee machines, accessories replacement parts for Wega coffee machine. Wega was founded in 1985 with the objective of producing quality professional espresso coffee machines. Wega’s core business consists of production and distribution of espresso coffee machines, grinders and accessories.