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PULY CAFF Cleans Espresso Machine Group Heads. Professional espresso machine powdered group handle cleaner imported directly from Italy.


PULY CAFF  Back flushing Powder For Espresso Machines.

Back flushing is an essential part of commercial espresso machine maintenance. In use your machine will develop a buildup of Tannin and layers of oil produced from the ground coffee bean. These Tannin and oil deposits quickly dry and settle around the workings and components of the machine group head or group heads forming an unsightly, unhygienic and unwanted obstacle for the water of your machine to run over or through.

These elements have no mercy and stick to anything they come into contact with, the result is that your coffee will soon develop a bitter and undesirable something not worthy and of poor quality, not only affecting the taste of the espresso but also affecting the aroma, in extreme cases tannin deposits have been known to cause partial blockages to the path of the water before it hits the portafilter or filter holder. Tannin deposits are well known to be one of main causes for complaint of bitter tasting espresso.

However all is not lost as you can beat this problem with regular back flushing of the group head using Puly Caff Powder and a blind filter basket, so long as your machine has a 3 way solenoid (which all known commercial coffee machines do). Puly Back Flush Powder is the food-safe, high concentrate, fast dissolving product to use for best results.

How To Back Flush

  • Take your machine portafilter or filter holder handle and remove the basket.
  • Fit the Blind Filter Basket into the Portafilter or filter holder handle.
  • Put a level teaspoon of Puly Powder in the basket and place handle in the grouphead as if you were going to make a coffee.
  • Press the water button as if you were going to make a coffee and let it run for 15 seconds before stopping.
  • Leave the machine for a minute or two and you should see the now foamed solution gradually working its way out of the machines exhaust pipe into the drip tray.
  • Wait until the movement of the foam has completely stopped, then run the water button for another 15 seconds, again wait until all movement has stopped.
  • Remove the filter holder handle, rinse it under a cold tap to clear it, then perform 3 x 15 seconds back flushing with nothing in the basket so it flushes with normal water.
  • Continue the process with normal water until you see it running clear from the exhaust pipe.
  • If your machine has rarely or even never been flushed and the water does not run clear after 5 water flushes then you may have to repeat the whole process again, it is not uncommon for espresso machines which have never been flushed but used heavily, to have to be flushed for an hour until they are clean!

Here's a handy tip: Back flush once a week with powder and flush every morning with normal water, this not only helps to keep the machine clean but also makes the machines internals nice and hot giving you a better chance of making the first shot of the day, a good one









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