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Espresso Machine Backflush Disc. Fitting this rubber blanking disc into the filter basket of your group handle enables you to backflush your equipment.

Ideally best used with our cleaning powder PULY CAFF GRP HEAD CLEANER (Part No 0282) See instructions for use below:

Place one heaped tablespoon of powder into your blanking disk which should be fitted into one of your filter handles. Put the filter holder handle into the coffee machine as though you were going to make coffee and press the button to make one cup of coffee, count to ten and repeat this process three times, you should see white froth coming from the bottom of the group head via the exhaust tube. In some machines this part is internal and you will not see the froth, but this is nothing to worry about. After this remove the filter holder handle and clean the group seal with the group head cleaning brush by gently moving the brush in a complete circle round the group seal. Lastly run the continuous flow button on the group until no further white froth can be seen. Repeat whole process for each group head.


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